Brian Williams "Rapper's Delight" on Jimmy Fallon

Jason Ray
February 24, 2014 10:40

Watch Brian William's do "Rapper's Delight" on Jimmy Fallon. The video went viral this past weekend and rightfully so.

Probably the greatest rendition of this song since the original, Jimmy Fallon's team spliced together an amazing clip which features NBC news anchors Brian Williams and Lester Holt doing "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugar Hill Gang.

Not the first time Fallon has released a Brian Williams clip compilation, but definitely the best one so far.  Watch as the news duo raps to the beat like Wonder Mike and Big Bank Hank.  

It is highly unlikely that you haven't yet seen this video on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed, but in the improbable unlikelihood that you live under a rock, do yourself a favor and peep it right now.

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