Just days after dental records confirmed that remains found in Florida belonged to Brian Laundrie, an autopsy has failed to determine the wanted man’s cause or manner of death. According to TMZ, his bones are now being shipped off to an anthropologist in hopes of gaining further insight into what may have happened to Laundrie while the rest of the world was looking for him.

The family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino informed the gossip site that the coroner had wrapped yesterday afternoon. The lawyer admitted that he wasn’t sure why an anthropologist was getting involved, but the article notes that it could be because the body was “too far along in the decomposition process to determine a cause of death using soft tissue.”


The remains were discovered on Wednesday, and according to investigators, they appear to have been decomposing in the area for weeks now. Before they were discovered, they were sitting in an area that was underwater, which is likely why it took so long to find them.

Finding Laundrie’s body has undoubtedly brought peace to his friends and family, but now that he’s gone, plenty of questions remain unanswered regarding the death of his 22-year-old fianceé, Gabby Petito. After the former returned home from a road trip without her in September, the YouTuber was reported missing, only to later be found dead by manual strangulation in Wyoming.

Petito’s family held a funeral several weeks ago, and her father, Joe, has been keeping people updated via social media. Earlier this month the family made the trip down to collect the deceased’s ashes, during which they stopped at the beautiful lake near where she was found to share a sweet tribute.

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