There has been some chatter around the NFL these days about Aaron Rodgers and whether or not he's a good teammate who is difficult to coach and even more difficult to play with. Rodgers has defended himself on numerous occasions, labeling any former teammates who are spreading these stories as "irrelevant" and "bitter." Clearly, Rodgers doesn't enjoy having his name dragged through the mud. 

When Rodgers was a young quarterback, he was mentored by teammate Brett Favre, who eventually moved on from the Packers in 2007. Favre spoke to TMZ Sports about Rodgers current situation and offered some advice, all while praising the Super Bowl-Champion.

"I just feel they should have won more," Favre said after explaining how Rodgers is the best player in the league. "They were that good."

As for the accusations being thrown at Rodgers, Favre said the quarterback should remain calm and not resort to "dagger throwing" as that's the worst way to go about things.

"He's really at the stage now where I was when he came into Green Bay ... and now he sorta sees why I did the things that I did and was more reclusive than younger players," Favre explained. "I think as you get older you're a little bit more guarded, maybe a lot more guarded for reasons like this."

Rodgers will also have to deal with a new coach this season who the Packers hope can help turn things around.