It's been over five months since the murder of Breonna Taylor and justice has yet to be served. While the Kentucky A.G. revealed that he did get the ballistics report, he said more investigations needed to happen in order to come to a decision whether they'll be filing charges against the officers involved or not. Meanwhile, new information surrounding her ex-boyfriend's case emerged, revealing that prosecutors wanted him to list Taylor as a co-defendant during negotiations for a plea deal.

According to TMZ, new documents emerged revealing that Jamarcus Glover, Breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend who was hit with gun and drug trafficking charges, was offered a deal that would have made a 10-year prison sentence into probation if he named Breonna as a co-defendant in the case. Sam Aguir, the attorney representing Taylor's family, said that it was disgusting. "The fact that they would try to even represent that she was a co-defendant in a criminal case more than a month after she died is absolutely disgusting," Sam said.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas B. Wine denied Glover was ever offered this deal, adding that it was part of a draft during pre-indictment plea negotiations. He said it was removed “out of respect for Ms. Taylor.”

“Our office has not and does not posthumously indict any person who is deceased,” he said, even though the document Aguir posted on his Facebook page said otherwise.