Breonna Taylor's death at the hands of police happened over a year ago, although protesters are still hosting demonstrations, demanding justice. On Saturday, the Kentucky Derby went down at Churchill Downs, where a horse named after her actually won a race. In the midst of all of this, protesters took to the streets where they held up signs that said words like "We haven't forgotten Breonna."

According to TMZ, the protest took a turn for the worse at one point as some demonstrators found themselves at a diner called La Chasse. There was a bit of a standoff as the protesters would not leave the premises, all while patrons demanded that the protesters leave. One of the patrons even pointed a small weapon at the crowd, which led to some turmoil.

Breonna Taylor

Megan Varner/Getty Images

Eventually, the cops were called and that is when the protesters left the scene. Despite this, police chased after some of the demonstrators and even arrested three people. As TMZ notes, the Louisville Police Department won't unveil why they arrested these people, which certainly calls into question their practices here.

Based on these events, it's clear that many are still seeking justice and these protests won't be stopping, anytime soon. With the Derek Chauvin verdict setting a precedent, hopefully, things continue to change for the better.