Many are still reeling from Attorney General Daniel Cameron's disappointing decision to not charge the officers involved in Breonna Taylor's murder. As protests take place across the country, VICE News recently obtained unreleased bodycam footage from the scene revealing that a few of the officers violated department policy. Along with documents including statements from officers that were there on the scene, the new information raises many questions regarding the investigation.

The footage is from the aftermath of the shooting. Hankison, the officer charged in the shooting, is seen on the crime scene asking whether the shelling on the floor is his or Taylor's boyfriend after Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment. Meanwhile, another officer is advising him to leave the scene as all officers involved in a critical incident shouldn't be on the scene. It's LPMD's department policy that all officers should be paired with an escort immediately after a critical incident and “isolated from all non-essential individuals for the remainder of the initial investigation.” None of the seven officers involved in the raid reportedly complied.

The other two officers involved, Detectives Mike Nobles and Tony James, were at the University of Louisville hospital following the raid where Sgt. Jon Mattingly was being treated for a gunshot wound. Again, violating department policy instead of being paired with an escort.

Check the footage out below.