Brent Faiyaz Offers Fleeting Desire On "Gang Over Luv"

Devin Ch
July 18, 2018 16:22

"Gang Over Luv" gets a music video of its own.

Brent Faiyaz has reenlisted himself for service, this time giving one of his standout tracks a proper visual component. "Gang Over Luv" from his debut Sonder Son can now lay claim to its very own visual storyboard. The video co-directed by Brent and his longtime collaborator Noah Wells, tells the story of a camera lens surveying questions of solitude. 

Noah follows Brent has he boards a tiny Cessna plane as they walk about a strip of rotting objects and cars, eventually the plane itself. The symbolism of the burning objects therein signifies the crumbling foundation of our hopes and dreams. "Gang Over Luv" in itself, is a title that propagates this idea that when all else fails, there'll always be solid base of friends and chosen family to fall back on.

In the event of a "love affair" come crashing down, there is objective beauty in watching the fiery blaze, or rather all the emotions come pouring out of your very being. Check out "Gang Over Luv," it is certainly unlike all the music video crowded the field with erroneous rapper-tropes.

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