As Jesse Pinkman might suggest, ready your subscriptions, bitch! The anticipated Breaking Bad sequel film has been met with cautious optimism since its initial announcement. While many sequels can feel inherently dubious, the intimate involvement of series mastermind Vince Gilligan has assuaged many-a-doubt. The Breaking Bad showrunner will be involved as a writer, producer, and director of the upcoming film, which has officially announced the return of Aaron Paul in the leading role. 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Many speculated that Pinkman would be the center, as the summary teased "the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom." As fans know, Jesse spent a few episodes as a prisoner of Neo-Nazis, where he was essentially used as a meth-servant of sorts. The final scene found him fleeing in a state of ecstatic bliss, an ambiguous conclusion to say the least. Now, we'll have to chance to see his ultimate fate.

While the original series premiered on AMC, the untitled film will flip the script, and premiere exclusively on Netflix. Afterward, it will return to AMC. Unfortunately, the release date remains unknown, as does the involvement of returning players. While many would love a return of Bryan Cranston, it's uncertain whether Gilligan will be able to work him into the story in an organic way. Still, in Vince we trust.