The 20-year old Brazilian student who posted pictures of herself in bed with Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt has given a detailed account about how the two met and how the world's fastest man was in the sack.

According to Jady Duarte, Bolt picked her out of the crowd at a Brazilian nightclub and took her back to the Olympic Village where he was staying. Thankfully, the taxi drive was there to help breakdown the language barrier between the two.

“The security man said to me: ‘Bolt is calling you.’ I realized that he was the runner I had seen before on TV,” Duarte said. “He smiled at me and did the famous victory pose, so I was in no doubt who he was."

"I sat next to him in the back and we kissed straightaway — it was less than 10 seconds, probably around nine. It was a very passionate kiss — it felt like he was trying to eat my face. We couldn’t communicate very well, but the taxi driver helped translate for us. Usain said he wanted to go back to his flat. I knew he wanted to sleep with me."

And once back at the hotel room, Bolt put on the best sex song he knows... Rihanna's "Work."

"He played the Rihanna song Work. I think he likes to listen to it when he makes love. ‘It was very passionate and hot – we were devouring one another. He has the body of a champion although his male parts do not match – he is just like a regular guy.’I was expecting him to be fast but it was actually the slowest sex I’ve ever had. We did it for about 40 minutes then he took a couple of minutes rest before we did it again."

Unfortunately for her, it doesn't look like Bolt- who has a girlfriend- will be calling her back for a second date despite promising her a rendezvous at the Paralympics on September 7th.

“I thought we had something going. But now I can see that he picks up women as quickly as he picks up gold medals. He has a really muscly body and took his time — he is a fast runner but he didn’t want to rush when we went to bed. I felt honored that he had picked me out and we had a great time. He was really good fun. I had no idea he had a girlfriend — I didn’t even recognize him in the nightclub.”