Not too long ago it was reported that Braxton Family Values filming was put on hold due to insufficient paycheques. Clearly, things have gotten back on track and the cast are now happy with their pay since we have a new teaser for the upcoming season. In the short clip, Toni Braxton was called up by her fiance Bryan "Birdman" Williams to go on a little getaway to New Orleans. 

"B called me the other day, and he asked me to meet with him in New Orleans to relax and forget about work and the wedding. You know, I just want to have fun," Toni tells the camera

"I think the great thing about B's and my relationship is that we're the yin and the yang, peanut butter and jelly. We're completely different but we go together. We balance each other. He helps me get in tune with my intuition, I would say. And I think I help him with his softer side," she continues. "You don't always gotta keep it G. It's OK to be human. You don't always have to be a guy, 'Woop woop.' You don't always have to be woop woopin' all the time." 

Peep the trailer here to see exactly what Toni means by the 'woop woop' that Birdman uses in his vocabulary. The new season airs August 16th at 9 PM ET/PT on WE TV.