Fans of the Love & Hip Hop brand were looking forward to the program's music project. Ray J dealt them some bad news when he announced that the album was being "pushed back like a bad hairline." He cited "political reasons" as the source of the delay.

"Couldn't get the cast members on the same page. Couldn't get the business done right. I was thinking of about it like it was a compilation, everybody just kinda shine with the singles that's already out. I guess everyone had a different idea. So we're back to the drawing board [...]Hopefully by next season, if there is a second season, then we'll have out music out at the same time."

social media user took the opportunity to tell him that "Nobody takes you serious when it comes to music bruh. But you make pretty babies."

 Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Ray J responded with positivity, hardly acknowledging the criticism: " I guess I should say thank you lol." His sister Brandy Norwood spotted the comment and came through to defend the "One Wish" singer: "You will take him seriously. I promise you that. You know what they call me so you need to chill. Get off his page. - Ray J's sister." She did not specific was people call her, but it sounds ominous enough to get someone to step back.

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