Brandy became the first artist of her era to record 1.5 billion streams on all streaming platforms. The feat was then brought to her attention, and which she proudly boasted about it herself on IG. Brandy of all R&B artists deserves her retroactive pay. She became a TV star back when the vocational switch was more daunting than it is today. And her opus with Monica is regarded by some as the double sided equation of the mid nineties with the highest yield. Monica was effortlessly tetchy and hard to please (mainly men) and Brandy played her role to perfection as the high school valedictorian with undiscovered singing talent.

Brandy has been semi-retired as a recording artist, her last album Heartbreak on a Full Moon is what pushed her into a lofty milieu. The album featured the lone guest spot from Chris Brown, who helped co-author several tracks on the record as well. In 2016, Brandy released an underappreciated and seldom heard single called "Begging and Pleading," earning her the praise of R&B/Soul revivalists. It could be said that Brandy never met a vocal style she make do with.

What 90s era artists could you see accomplishing the same feat?

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