They've appeared on songs together, starred on the same television show, regularly post about one another, and speak on the other's life in interviews, but there are still people who don't know that Brandy and Ray J are siblings. They're two of the most famous sister and brother duo in pop culture and have not made it a secret that they're related, but Ray J's recent tattoo has informed the few who weren't aware.

We previously reported on Brandy posting a screenshot of a FaceTime conversation with her brother. Ray showed his sister his new tattoo—one done in the signature font that the Moesha icon has used for years.

Ray J, Brandy
Brian Stukes / Getty Images

"This is real love[heart emoji] I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. I love you," wrote Brandy, ending her message with a few hashtags about Ray J being her best friend. Back in 1994, Brandy released her self-titled debut studio album and included her single "Best Friend" in it. The track is all about Ray J and how he is the most reliable person in her life.

The tattoo post caused utter confusion for the younger generation and they took to social media with surprise reactions about the siblings. Others, however, couldn't believe that people were shocked to see that Ray and Brandy were related and they let their voices be heard. Check it out below.