Former NFL safety Brandon Meriweather appeared on the Toucher & Rich radio show today and gave some insight about what it's like to play in the Pro Bowl. If you've ever watched the NFL's version of the All-Star game you already know that the players typically half-ass it during this game, and are really just in it for the free trip.

According to Meriweather, the game is really just an afterthought and it's common for players to take the field "dead drunk." 

Here's what he told Toucher & Rich:

"I went to [my first Pro Bowl in 2010] and some people were like, 'Look, man, I’m playing dead serious. I’m finna win this,'" he said. "And a lot—most players—are like, 'Man, I’m finna get dead drunk before the game, man.' They ain’t playing nothing."

He added that during his second trip to the Pro Bowl he was taking shots at the team hotel just hours before the game got underway, which sounds like an absolute nightmare even if you're only going at half-speed.

Unlike previous Pro Bowls which were held in Hawaii, this year's will take place in Orlando on January 29th. Check out the rosters here.