Prior to this NFL season, New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall challenged Steelers star Antonio Brown to a bet: "If I have more receiving yards than you, then you gotta give me the Rolls-Royce."

Marshall's bet came shortly after AB revealed his new Steelers-themed Rolls-Royce Wraith and Brown agreed to the terms so long as Marshall put up his Jets-inspired Porsche. 

Well, the season's over and Brandon Marshall's 788 receiving yards failed in comparison to Antonio Brown's 1,284, although instead of taking B-Marsh's Porsche he gave him the option of donating it to Project375, an organization that aims "to help promote awareness of mental health, end the stigma and raise funding for treatment."

Marshall announced on this weeks taping of Inside The NFL that he will be donating the value of the Porsche, approximately $100,000, to Project375, although he noted that AB had a slight advantage catching passes from Big Ben.