Brandon Marshall was a top tier receiver during his prime and fans always seemed to love his highlights and big plays. As it stands, Marshall is retired from the game although he continues to be a memorable player. Unfortunately, Marshall found himself in an unfortunate situation recently as he tried to move into his brand new home.

Marshall was with his two kids as he tried to move into a new place in Florida. The house is located in a gated community that has its own security guards. As the story goes, Marshall wasn't on the community list, and the guards called the cops on him. Marshall was understandably upset by this especially with everything going on in the United States. The former NFL player filmed the entire exchange where he made his thoughts on the matter quite clear.

Per Marshall:

"This is the problem, I come here, you feel uncomfortable. My first day moving into my new house, because my name’s not on the list you call the cops. Now you call the cops. No, you’re not trying to do your job. There was no threat for you to call the cops. This what we’re seeing every single day. This what we’re seeing every single day, I got two kids in the car right now. We’re in Weston, Florida, one of the most affluent areas. Yes I know there’s other black people that live here, I know that."

Hopefully, Marshall won't have any more issues in this new community.