Brandon Jennings has been exiled a few times in his NBA career, and apparently he's also public enemy in his own gated community. According to TMZ, Brandon Jennings held an incredibly loud house party at his Los Angeles pad on July 4, running into the wee hours of the next day. while no arrests were made, it is believed thirty to forty '911' calls were made during a brief but brusk period partying. 

Brandon Jennings' neighbours are not treating this like an isolated incident, apparently the Milwaukee Bucks' guard has a reputation for treating his occupancy like a veritable nightclub, holding all-night parties several times a week. It's come to a point where his neighbours have joined Nextdoor, an app which helps them seek advice on how to deal with unruly occupants.

"I have nothing against parties," said local resident Ivan Kuznetsov. "Partying is nice. It's just not the right place with everyone trying to sleep." Kuznetsov is alluding to the fact, the community is home to many families with young children, and a less improvised way of life. 

Unlike LeBron who smokes two stogies a year and spends the rest of the offseason in a hyperbaric chamber, Jennings is hell bent on "livin' it up." Notice the divergent paths both players have taken in their respective careers.