Ever since John Wall went down with an Achilles injury a couple of years ago, Bradley Beal has been carrying the Washington Wizards franchise. His statistics are absolutely off the charts and some nights, it feels like he is scoring 40 points without a second thought. Now, Beal is on a roster with Russell Westbrook, and despite the latter's MVP status, Beal still finds himself as the central player on the team.

During a discussion with the media, Beal explained exactly what it's like to be considered a franchise player, and how he doesn't take it for granted. Beal also mentioned how he wants to help build this Wizards team and see them improve over time.

Bradley Beal

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“It’s a blessing because you don’t take it for granted,” Beal said. “You understand there’s only 450 guys in the NBA and there’s only 30 teams and every team has a quote-unquote star or superstar on their team, a franchise guy and for the Wizards to entrust me with that, that’s an honorable position, one that I don’t take for granted, that I don’t take lightly.”

While the Wizards have been off to a rough start, they have shown flashes of brilliance, and if this team gets it together heading into the All-Star break, they could position themselves for a playoff spot battle near the end of the regular season. The key to all of this will be Beal who continues to display bonafide superstar potential.

Bradley Beal

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