Will Smith isn't the only actor who passed on a role in The Matrix. As we previously posted, Will said no to being Neo in the beloved film and instead signed on to do Wild Wild West. "I didn't get it when I read it. It's a hard movie to pitch. You know: 'Everybody lives inside a computer.' It was only when I saw it that I really got it," he said of his initial reaction to the script, admitting how much he regretted it later. 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images 

Brad Pitt has now opened up about the same topic and how he passed on the role as well. As we know, Keanu Reeves got the lead in the film and to this day it's the best film on his resume. Brad is not one to talk about roles that could have been but the Once Upon a Time In Hollywood actor discussed the topic at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 

“I’ll give you one, only one, because I really believe it was never mine,” he explained. “It’s not mine. It’s someone else’s and they go and make it. I really do believe in that. I really do. But I did pass on the Matrix. I took the red pill.”