In a recent interview with Villainfy Media, boxer Jessie Vargas claims that Conor McGregor has already been knocked out during a sparring session

"He got knocked out in sparring already, man!" Vargas says in the video clip. “The boxing world is small; it's a small circle.”

“Conor’s gonna get knocked out,” Vargas told Villanfy Media. “Mayweather always lives up to the hype. I have no doubt. I actually want to put down money on it, the odds aren’t that bad. [McGregor] got knocked out in sparring already, man."

Vargas went on to say that he's giving McGregor a 1% chance in the August 26th bout against Floyd Mayweather and predicted the UFC champ will lose via knockout.

While the claims that McGregor has already been knocked out cold by one of his sparring partners may or may not be true, one of the guy's who has stepped in the ring with him, amateur Irish boxing sensation Tiernan Bradley, had this to say, per

“I don’t know if you’ve seen the photo that he uploaded onto his Instagram after our session,” Bradley said. "People are talking about his left hand and whether the power will be there with 10-ounce gloves — he lifted me off my feet with a right uppercut in 16 (ounce gloves)!”

Check out the video clip below where Vargas speaks about the upcoming fight between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.