UPDATE: Bow Wow was referring to Drake Green a Public Relations Expert at Adidas.

Either Bow Wow forgot to sign his non-disclosure or he's downright fibbing, because why on earth would he be the first to report on Drake's business dealings. Seems odd doesn't it? Well Bow Wow posted a picture of himself, wearing a red Adidas jumpsuit with the caption:

"Shout out my family at @adidasoriginals and my boy Drake at Adidas for hooking me up and keeping me fly in the latest."

According to Sole Collector, Drake has been negotiating with Adidas for the past month over a proposed in-house partnership, similar to the position he's held with the Jordan Brand since 2015. Drake has been reportedly 'unhappy' with the arrangement at Jordan and was looking to force his exit. You might recall his song "Jumpman" with Future, where he bragged "they gave me my own collection." Well that's essentially what they did, and now it seems Adidas is equally high on Drake's brand power.

At face value, the tweet tells us that Bow Wow is receiving a bunch of free merch, lucky him. It should be noted that Drake was handing out Jordan brand sneakers in his 'God's Plan' video. Suspend your disbelief for another moment or two. Adidas is in the rearview mirror.