The relationship between Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri reached a whole new level of weird today as Bow Wow sent out a mysterious tweet threatening his Growing Up Hip-Hop co-star.

The tweet reads, "Yo @jermainedupri if you dont answer my call, im going to tell the world that you and ________".

Bow Wow declines to explain any further as to what exactly he's implying with that line, but chances are that whatever dirt he's got on Dupri, it's something that Dupri would prefer to remain private. 

Twitter's reaction was mixed, with half of the commenters calling him "trash" or "a bird" and the other half eagerly awaiting what he has to say about Dupri. 

However, it's unlikely that we'll ever actually find out what it was that Bow Wow was talking about, because less than two hours later, he walked back on his threat.

In a reply to a comment on his original tweet, Bow Wow writes "Naw hahaha i be fucking w jd. He be big mad when i at him. He wasnt picking up the phone im tryna get this YEAAHH video together".

So for all intents and purposes, the whole thing was a set-up. Bow Wow trolled his entire twitter timeline with a single tweet. It could be that his follow-up tweet as simply a reaction to his original threat, or maybe he just made a fool out of everyone. We'll never really know the truth until we hear from Jermaine, or until that "YEAAHH" video actually drops.