Who can forget the Bow Wow Challenge? After it was proven that Shad Moss posted a photo of somebody else's private jet to flex on social media, he was heavily clowned for months. Despite this all happening a long time ago, Bow Wow still faces all the jokes on a regular basis. After Meek Mill, Jay-Z and Faboloustook a photo during their night out, fans got creative and decided to bring back the challenge once and for all. 

The now-viral photo of the trio chilling in New York has been circulated often enough for it to get the meme treatment. Fans have started photoshopping Bow Wow into the frame, allowing him to claim he was also present during the meeting. Of course, Shad hasn't commented on the hilarious photo yet, and he probably won't ever, but we're sure it's been sent to him on social media. In case you're confused by the solid doctoring of the photo, Bow Wow was not actually involved in the original image.

This isn't the first time people have added Bow Wow into viral photos. It's become a popular trend ever since the Bow Wow Challenge took off. During the actual exchange between Meek, Hov, and Fab, Jay-Z gifted Mill with his personal Roc Nation chain. The Philly rapper has since thanked Hov, saying that the new piece is worth "36 grammies."