Snoop Dogg is credited with sharing Bow Wow to the world. Remarkably, their lineage stills stands for something nearly 20 years into his career. In a new video which has been teased on Instagram,  Bow Wow raps "Snoop said to get these n***** so Im'a get 'em dog, one house ten bitches that's how I'm living dog." He continues his lyrical barrage with remarks on how he spends his money in the strip club: 10K per diem.

The video gives a solid look at current day Bow Wow. It isn't as if he's taken a tumbling fall in the looks department or grown a paunch. For the most part, Bow Wow has aged gracefully in line with what we'd expect of a person taking good care of themselves. The only questions remains as to how he can make do without the energetic bounce that made him famous. Without his calling card, does Bow Wow do enough on the mic to warrant attention in a saturated market of hip hop acts. Peep the video below. He claims to be dropping it in full, next week.