Bow Wow has been hinting at a return to music over the past few days. His initial attempt was met with backlash. Titling the song "Bad Vibes" with a cover art design that resembled XXXTENTACION's broken heart logo. He took the snippet down and seemingly decided to restructure his approach, releasing another snippet divulging on personal matters. 

It appears that Shad Moss might have another child that he's yet to reveal to the world. He shared a snippet of a new song titled "D.W.M.O.D," standing for Dealing With My Own Demons, where he alludes to possibly having a son.

"Shai askin' about a brother, I don't know what to say/ That's gon' be one of them talks we have face-to-face/ I'm lookin' in his eyes, I'm trying to see me in him/ I'm peepin' out his swag, and I see the resemblance," he raps over soulful production. "Seen the boy three times, why would I lie?/ Baby moms gon' bring him through just so we spend some time," he continued. The rapper goes on to detail that he's still unsure if that's his child but if he is, then he'll step up to the plate.

Explaining that he won't be doing press but sharing more insight into his personal life through his music, Maury was still interested in learning more about this possibility that Bow Wow had a son. "hmu," a comment reads from Maury's account under a post from TheShadeRoom.