Bow Wow has been having an interesting year. The man has had a storied career from when he was a child. While his musical work as an adult has not picked up as much traction as in earlier years, Shad Moss still has a definite audience. A few months ago, he scared everyone by tweeting out seemingly suicidal messages, updating his socials with some disturbing thoughts that were going through his head. The connection he shares with his girlfriend seems to be keeping him happy these days but of course, he still has his off days like anybody else. Today looks to be one of those.

As we wait for the delayed Greenlight 6 and Edicius to be released, Bow Wow's activity on Twitter is always interesting to keep track of. Something clearly got on the man's nerves today as he randomly let out a message to an unnamed source to stay out of his business. The entertainer wrote, "Stay the FUCK out my FUCKING business," capitalizing the curse words for emphasis. His posts before and after do not hint at anything that may have pissed him off as he wished his aunt a happy birthday shortly after, confusing everybody to a further degree.

In recent times, Bow Wow has looked to be doing better or, if he's not, he's hiding it well. We'll keep you updated on the arrivals of his upcoming mixtape and album.