LeBron James made the biggest decision in this period of free agency on Sunday when he agreed to a 4-year $153.3 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Naturally, most responses are lying in the general vicinity of shock and plenty of people are chiming on the news, with many congratulating ‘Bron on his next move.

In commemorating the new announcement, Bow Wow has decided to upload an old photo from over 15 years ago of himself with Magic Johnson and Lebron James back in the day. In accompaniment, he writes, “Who woulda guessed?”


Both Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, and LeBron hail from Ohio with the former being from Columbus while James originates from Akron. At the time it was taken, the picture was a clear snapshot of two of basketball’s biggest stars—LeBron James and Calvin Cambridge—posted up with the legend Magic. Now, as Bow Wow points out, things come full circle.

But of course, we just can’t let Bow Wow live, and the response to his trip down memory lane have been nothing short of hilarious as users clown his new post, writing it off as just another instance of “clout chasing.”