Yesterday a video surfaced of Bow Wow getting snuffed in the back passage of a performance venue. The footage shows Bow Wow conferring with an adviser backstage then cuts to the rapper alone in the hallway instances before a man wearing an orange crew neck violently shouts “Whats up with that Future shit?” as he tramples over him. What can be deduced apart from the mere presence of physical evidence is that both Future and Bow Wow had once dated Ciara, and the former has been publicly bitter about their falling out.

On his Instagram Live, Bow Wow decided to address the footage and the speculation over it, once and for all. He took time to ensure all those interested that the video doesn't tell the entire story, but he doesn't go into great detail beyond that. The second part of the video, as obtained by The Shade Room, allows for further commentary. Bow Wow refers to a play-by-play account of the fight captured by an onlooker which describes his attacker getting bullied into submission by Bow Wow's entourage, sometime after the camera cuts. This part of the story is bound by an eye-witness account.

As for the final record, Bow Wow contends that you can "run with it" or "play with it" as you see fit, but the true story lies somewhere in between.

Peep the footage of the incident as seen on WorldStar. The response and the play-by-play as recounted by Twitter user @MissBrownEyez_ is available below.