Bow Wow really got us out here listening to his mixtape on LiveMixtapes in 2019. What a throwback. The rapper came through with his highly-anticipated mixtape Greenlight 6 today, freestyling over some of the hottest beats out right now. Shad Moss has been in the game for such a long time and he knows how to catch people's attention. Last year, he made headlines for his relationship with Kiyomi Leslie and now that the two have broken up, he's still involved in news stories about his ex. After giving his tape a full listen, fans are speculating that "Fuck You Bitch" is about Kiyomi and although he doesn't actually call her out by name, there's a very high possibility that he is indeed trashing his model ex.

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

The song in question was originally titled "My Ex Is A Piece Of Shit," which is telling in itself. Bow Wow goes on to call his ex everything from a clout chaser who's doing everything for double-taps on Instagram to a cheater, exposing her for allegedly sleeping with a Houston Rockets player. The song appears as the sixth cut on the tracklist, featuring a Lauryn Hill instrumental and tons of subliminal messages being thrown. 

Near the end of the song, the rapper begins to show his petty side. As noted by Complex, Shad says that lately, he's been messing around with his ex-girlfriend's friends just to piss her off, sleeping with up to ten women every week. He then goes on to call out her looks, saying her ass looks "lumpy" and her breasts got "saggy." If this isn't about Kiyomi, that means somebody else seriously hurt Bow Wow. Listen to the song here.