If you’re attending the Millennium Tour in Atlanta tonight in hopes of seeing Bow Wow perform live, you may be disappointed. Earlier today, the rapper went on a Twitter rant, airing his grievances about the shows so far since the tour kicked off on October 1st.

“Too much bitching and complaining on this tour,” Bow Wow wrote. “I’m bussn cats asses EVERY NIGHT! Every night they try and complain and take something away from me!”


The 34-year-old then went on to tell Atlanta audiences that he plans to “BUSS YALL ASS FOR 45 mins straight.” Followed by a tweet reading, “this might be my last show! I’ve had enough.”

“Here’s the truth,” Bow Wow shared. “I do 15 min EVERY NIGHT! I can’t even do my full songs. AND I STILL BE BUSTING FOLKS ASS!”


The Like Mike actor then said that the only way he would perform at this evening’s show is if he’s allotted the time to perform his full set.

The Millennium Tour also has Omarion as a headliner, with Ashanti, Soulja Boy, and many others supporting alongside them. Apparently, Bow Wow has been in touch with “O” since his meltdown this morning, and the two have made plans to ensure tonight’s show goes better for the “Bound With Me” rapper.

“Just got off phone w O. Tonight gone be one for the ages … I promise you that! I’m going CRAZY I swear to god,” he tweeted two hours ago.

In another post, Bow Wow predicted that tonight’s Atlanta concert will be the best performance that he’s ever done. 

Only time will tell if the rapper delivers. Are you excited to see Bow Wow and Omarion take on ATL?