Kim Kardashian's past flings are pretty well known - Ray J, Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush to name a few. But in a recent interview with Bow Wow, the 30-year-old reveals he too had a thing with Kim back in her Paris Hilton sidekick days.

Chatting with Hollywood Unlocked, Bow says he met Kim through Paris and explains that although she was really quiet and didn't have much to say he wanted to get to know her. "Somehow we got each other's information,” he explains. “We was cool, we remained friends. And this was right before Reggie Bush. The reason nobody knew is because of how I move."

He explains that he and the reality started dating "way before anything," adding how he "was nervous" because he never dated outside of his race before. Apparently, he kept it under wraps because Kim came "with a lot" and he didn't know how his fans would react.

When the interviewer straight up asks Bow if he slept with Kim, he just responds with: "Mmmm, I ain't saying nothing...I respect Ye and all that, therefore, I ain't gone say everything all the way 100."

Watch the full interview below. He talks about Kim at the 49-minute mark. Do you guys believe him?