As he gears up for the upcoming releases of his mixtape Greenlight 6 and his album Edicius, Bow Wow sat down with Genius to speak about his career as a whole. Having been in the entertainment business since he was a kid, Bow has been around the industry for nearly his entire life. With G6 set for a release on May 21, it will be intriguing to see how Bow Wow adapts to the next chapter in his career. Not shying away from a topic that most people would avoid, Shad spoke to Genius about the use of ghostwriters and, in particular, who has written for him along the course of his trajectory.

Not dancing around the topic, the interviewer goes straight into asking who has written for Bow Wow over the years, to which the star honestly responds. "Kurupt wrote my first song ever." Bow continued, "[Da] Brat, [Jermaine Durpi] of course, my man Slim from Queens." The rapper noted that, while he was hosting 106 & Park in New York, he was so busy that he didn't have time to get into the studio. In turn, he called Jadakiss to write about ten songs for him. Before closing out his sentence, he remembered that T.I. has also worked a lot with him, apologetically stating, "How could I forget Tip?"

With the many commitments that Bow Wow has had in his career, it is no surprise to hear that others have helped him with the writing process. Bow Wow's first songwriting experience came with "Basketball," he revealed, unreluctantly sharing details that many other artists would decline to speak of. Check out the full video below and take a guess at the "big dog" Bow Wow mentions that has been prominently using ghostwriters.