September was a very interesting month for Shad "Bow Wow" Moss. First off, he fell hard for some Iggy Azalea thirst trapping, commenting on a video of the female rapper showing off her figure with, ""I swear id eat her 👅🍑NO PROBLEM! Idgaf ðŸ˜‚." Predictably, that drew some jabs from social media users, but that wasn't the end of it. His online foot-in-mouth moments continued with another incident later just last week, when it was reported that Future is seeing his baby mama, Joie Chavis. After the news began to make the rounds with the gossip outlets, Bow Wow tweeted out the following line that made him seem more than a little salty:

Today, he's got himself into more trouble in the world of social media, this time on Instagram. It began with a video that he took of himself partying it up in a nightclub, flossing with a near-empty bottle of Ciroc in his hand. Captioning with video with, "I just do it different when he LIV," the 2 Chainz track "Good Drank" played in the background and provided a very fitting soundtrack to what must now be a pretty hazy night for Bow Wow.

The comments began to fly in not long after he shared the clip, with most people coming to questions whether or not he could afford the bottle or how he came to be known for so much fake flexing in general. After the onslaught began, Bow Wow decided to wade into the mess and set the record straight.

"U dumb maf*kers LISTEN!! Im tipsy! If the maf**kan bottle empty u stupid s**ts," he began. "Means we drinking [...] Alota of maf*kas on social media are f**king idiots! Exactly why i barely respond to folks. The more stupid maf*kas i talk to it dumbs me down. STOP TALLLLLKKKING TOOOO MEEEEEEE." Clearly the response to the video rubbed the actor/singer the wrong way, but it's not like this is an unprecedented moment of carelessness for the guy who is still probably best known for remaking Kurtis Blow's classic track "Basketball." When it comes to social media, it seems that Bow Wow is guilty of not playing his cards right more often than he isn't.