Bow Wow just stopped by Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning for a lengthy interview, and as you might have expected, a certain private jet debacle was addressed. Despite the endless barrage of social media clowning, Bow Wow handled the interview with a confident poise, seemingly unfazed. "People don't understand the scientific method to my madness," says Bow Wow, "You gotta just watch the show, everything if for the show."

While the hosts are quick to call him a troll, Bow Wow holds to his implications that everything was part of a Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta master plan. When Rosenberg suggests that Bow Wow's second past time has become "getting dragged on the internet." Bow Wow laughs it off, saying "it doesn't affect me, it doesn't affect the women, it doesn't affect the bank...all my homies we play around all day. Like, you gotta have thick skin, period, we play all day."

He goes on to say this his group chat, which consists of Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa, is basically a never-ending roast. "We give each other the blues," says Bow Wow. "It don't bother me."

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