Being famous isn't always easy. While there are definitely a lot more pros than cons, sometimes the cons overshadow the pros. Celebrities are constantly hit up by old friends or family members they've never heard of for money or some sort of hand-out. So seems to be the case with Bow Wow. He recently went on Instagram revealed just how fed up he is about lending people money.

Bow Wow is no longer doing favors or lending anyone anymore money, unless it's his daughter, his girl or his mother. The rapper vented his frustrations on his Instagram story earlier today and said that the next person that asks him for a hand out is getting cut off.

"Unless you are my daughter, mom or my girl don't fucking text me call me asking for shit leave me alone I am working!!! If one more person ask me for something I'm cutting you the fuck off! Im not a bank! How I'm Pose to grow and you mahfuckas keep asking for shit. The answer is NO!!!!" He wrote.

The rapper shared a video shortly afterwards about his frustrations. "Part of being famous, man. Muhfuckas always think you're a walking dollar sign. Like everybody be wanting somethin'."

Maybe not handing out money to people is a good financial choice for Bow Wow. After all, he is the person who created the "Bow Wow Challenge" after his attempt to pretend like he was flying private, when he was really on a commercial flight.