Bow Wow just can't get a break these days. The rapper's personal life has often bled into his public persona which, in the hands of the internet, has made him a punchline in hip-hop. The rapper is set to appear on an upcoming episode of Wild N' Out this Friday where Conceited roasted the hell out of Bow Wow for his exes dating Future.

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Future has a tendency of dating Bow Wow's exes. Two of Future's baby mamas, Ciara and Joie Chavis, were romantically linked to Bow Wow at one point. Ciara was once engaged to Bow Wow. Joie Chavis and Bow Wow also share a child together. During the "Wild Style" segment of an upcoming episode of Wild N Out, Conceited trolled Bow Wow about his connection to Future.

"Aye Bow Wow, how you gon' let Hendrix take all your girlfriends?" Conceited asked Bow Wow. "I don't love 'em hoes," Bow Wow replied.

Conceited continued, "Maybe 'cause they see you a loser/ I think all your exes are psychics by the way they keep seeing the Future/ He took the first one, made a pitstop/ Second one made you leave hip-hop/ He must've been talkin' about you when he said, 'I just hit your girl in some Gucci flip-flops."

Conceited got a point for that one but Bow Wow definitely wasn't looking happy about it. Peep the clip below via TMZ.