Bow Wow's fans are familiar with the rapper's meltdowns and displays of emotional intensity. He wilds out on and off social media fairly consistently. Still, he surprised many when he turned violent toward crew members of the reality television series Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta

Bow Wow AKA Shad Gregory Moss opened up about the situation during his appearance on The Real. He first explained how the scenes on the show are not staged. He was simply caught in an unfortunate moment.

The former child star was filmed as he attacked a cameraman in a fit of rage during one of the series' episodes last month. Shad ultimately destroyed three cameras after attacking anyone who tried to stop his tantrum. He blames in the alcohol.

“Too much Hennessy [...] It was a real situation that occurred. It was at [Da] Brat’s party [...] When they catch us, they catch us. It was the wrong time for what had happened.”

Moss also admitted to having considered leaving the show. Although his participation in the production can be taxing, Bow Wow is focused on pleasing his fans.

"Yeh [...] But I feel I owe my fans and the world a piece of myself."

The television star had opened up about his struggles with addiction. His long-time associate Jermaine Dupri, however, made the whole thing seem like a lie