Bow Wow turned heads with a confusing lyric that seemingly name-dropped Chris Brown, hinting that the two former friends have possible problems in their relationship on "Drunk Off Ciroc." Breezy saw the line and was instantly confused, checking in on Instagram to make sure everything was good with Bow Wow. The two have always been close and while they have not been seen together in years, it was assumed that they still chatted from time to time. The lyrics surprised many, coming across as a shot towards his former bud. When asked about the perplexing possibility of a CB beef, Bow Wow cleared up his intentions behind the bar.

In an interview with Clinton Sparks, Bow Wow spoke about his new single and the lines directed at Brown, saying that he prefers to keep things real in his music. Shad Moss offers a breakdown of the situation, explaining that both have been put through the wringer in their careers and while everybody is aware of Chris Brown's troubles, Bow Wow was simply attempting to relate to him by saying he's also been through a lot. "It wasn't, me and you got [beef], nah, it wasn't that." 

Bow Wow continues by saying there is absolutely no bad blood between the two, suggesting that they live in different cities and have grown up, thus seeing each other less. While the lyric was concerning, it's comforting to hear Bow Wow's side of the story. Watch the full video below and let us know what you think.