Bow Wow Drops Off New Video For "They Think Im Crazy"

Kevin Goddard
August 10, 2018 23:45

Check out Bow Wow's new video release "They Think Im Crazy."

Bow Wow has been wildin’ out on social media recently, specifically Friday when he called out others guys for dating women only for their physical appearance and vis versa. "90% of the hoes you ni**as lust over are 100% pure bums behind them IG posts. Big facts. Yall going for looks...what can the bitch do for you besides look cute? Can't stand no dumb ass woman,” he said.

Now just hours after the “crazy” rant, Shad decides to share a fitting new video for his song “They Think Im Crazy.” Ignoring the comments & addressing the haters, Bow Wow posts up in a upscale golf course and stunts in front of his mansion in this Otto The Director- presented video above. Look for the song to see life on his forthcoming Greenlight 6 project, which is on the way.

Check out the official video and let us know what you think.


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