Over the past several months, more and more popular male celebrities faced sexual misconduct and sexual assault allegations. Some of them caught the public by surprise but others, not so much.  The #MeToo and #TimesUp movement have played a major role in helping sexual abuse victims stand up and speak their mind. Jamie Foxx is the latest actor to be accused of sexual misconduct. He's since denied it but his accuser filed a police report already. When the news got to Bow Wow, he had some words to say about the situation.

Bow Wow shared his thoughts on Jamie Foxx's recent accusations and he's clearly not buying into it. Bow Wow explained that he didn't believe Morgan Freeman's accusations nor will he with Jamie Foxx's. He went on a lengthy rant on Instagram and explained that he feels the women accusing both actors are lying.

"I was going to let this shit slide. After Morgan Freeman, I said 'get the fuck outta here.' Now, Jamie... get the fuck outta here." He said, "A lot of y'all women need to get up off your mothafuckin' ass and get a job man. Go get a fuckin' job. Stop trying to use celebrities as a scapegoat. Cut that shit out. Nobody believe you."

Bow Wow also dove into a bit of a conspiracy behind the #MeToo movement and how each accuser has used Lisa Bloom to represent them in their cases.

"They hire the same fuckin' woman to represent them. It's the same story. Every week, it's somebody new." he said, "Y'all makin' it bad for women that's really out here getting touched and abused by mothafuckas. 'Cause ain't nobody going to be believin' them."