All of the hype over these new music releases has Bow Wow in the mood to drop a record. The rapper has been actively pursuing his career since he was just a small kid tearing up the Hip Hop charts, but in recent years, he's made more waves on the reality television circuit than in the music scene. With executive producer credits under his belt and a desire to revamp BET as a mover and shaker with a corner office, music isn't the only thing on Bow Wow's mind at the moment. 

Still, Bow has promised that new music is coming and at the top of the year, the rapper expressed that he was working on his final album titled Before 30. Now, Bow has given an update.

A fan wanted to know how long they had to wait before the next record was released—if there was one coming at all. "Yes working on album. Im thinking summer fall. We locked in. No distractions," the rapper answered. Another person said that they hope they would receive "Bow Wow Wanted 2.0," referencing his 2005 album Wanted

"You cant compare my previous albums to this. 34 now 2 kids," said Bow. "So much pain and confusion I’ve gone through this content is next level and DARK. Its my 1st RAP ALBUM. I been dying to make it but i was a youngn then." Are you checking for a new Bow wow record? With his recent public co-sign from Drake, fans are expecting Drizzy to make an appearance. 

Check out the tweets below.