This year has been wild for Bow Wow. The man hasn't released much music and although he's teased several projects on the way, they appear to have been delayed indefinitely. In early 2018, the entertainer began to worry his fans, tweeting out suicidal messages in sporadic fashion, leading many to believe he was on a downward spiral. Then, Bow Wow would joke about his own behavior on social media, making things even more confusing than they already were. The star had an outburst on the set of Growing Up Hip-Hop and he's surprisingly gone after his mentor Jermaine Dupri in recent weeks. Now, it seems he's realizing the error in his ways, apologizing to his So So Def family and all of his fans for acting childish.

Shad Moss let off a tweet today to get some weight off his shoulders, apologizing for "acting like a fuck boy" and assuring people he's now on the right track. His actions will allow people to judge if he's truly being sincere or not but we're seriously hoping for the best for him. He wrote, "Want to apologize to my fans and the public and my SSD family lately i been tripping and acting like a fuck boy. My mind is clear im back on track thanks to GOD! see you on the road. Forgive me for my immature ways. Lets handle business. Thanks."

Hopefully, the artist can stay on the right track because we're still waiting on Greenlight 6 and Edicius.