Soulja Boy appears to be having the time of his life while supporting Bow Wow and Omarion on The Millennium Tour. At the beginning of the month, he went viral for dancing to his track “Rick & Morty” backstage with Lizzo, and now the rapper is hitting the smeeze once again.

On Saturday, the “Pretty Boy Swag” artist took to TikTok to share a clip of him and Bow Wow, also dancing to “Rick & Morty.”

“I was the first rapper to get #bowwow on TikTok,” Draco captioned the video, which has since received over 350,000 likes. The comments are even more hilarious than the video itself – “Soulja Boy looks like a teenager and Bow Wow looks like a stud,” one viewer wrote.

“Tell me why I thought Bow Wow was Young MA,” another person laughed. “Bow Wow dancing like a kid watching cocomelon.”

The Shade Room also reposted the video to Instagram, earning some equally ridiculous commentary, including some words from “Lip Gloss” rapper, Lil Mama.

“Yo I be Wahlin, this some bullshit. I’m gettin in the gym,” she wrote. “Bow Wow looking like the uncle at the BBQ,” one viewer said.

Just yesterday, Bow Wow went on a Twitter rant, expressing his frustrations with short set times, and telling fans that he was prepared to drop off of the Millennium Tour. By the end of the day, the rapper had completely changed his tune, and told followers that his Atlanta show would be his best performance to date.

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