The oft-jovial Bow Wow has recently been undergoing some emotional turmoil. A few days back, Bow Wow seemed to be undergoing an existential crisis, leaving many feeling concerned for the rapper's mental health. "Sometimes i wish i wasn't here," he wrote, via Twitter; the disturbing messages escalated on IG, where he wrote "Sometimes i REALLY wish i never existed... i can never do SHIT RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! Im better off." While The cry for help prompted a vast outpouring of fan love and support, it would appear that Bow Wow's troubles have yet to fade.

Today, he issued yet another concerning tweet, this time targeting the fickle nature of his "fans." "Wher MY FANS be at when n***s be chopping me up and the media go in on me?" writes Bow Wow. "Fucking w every little thing i do? I dont see nobody defending bow. Aint no army for bow. But you love me right? Yeaah ok.. im this goat right? Yeah ok." In fact, that's only the tip of the iceberg. Bow Wow absolutely went off on Twitter, blasting the media, fair weather fans, and the nature of the industry. 

It seems as if Bow Wow engaged in a makeshift AMA of sorts, and from the look of it, he probably won't appreciate the existence of this article. Still, his frustration is clear, and while it may be difficult to block out the hate, Bow Wow should take comfort in his accomplishments. Not many people can say they've achieved what he has, even if the hate can sometimes seem overwhelming. Lest we forget, the man defeated Lonzo Ball in a free-throw contest. Keep ya head up.