It only lasted a few minutes, but a Boston woman had her entire life flash before her when TD Ameritrade accidentally deposited $1.1 million in her account. Ellen Fleming was down to her last $50 in that particular account, so when the deposit came flooding a plethora of options started going through her head. She even considered quitting her job and paying off her student loans in one fell swoop. Luckily she didn't because within minutes a consultant confirmed the mistake, the very same attendant that broke the news to her via voicemail.

It appears the $1.1 million deposit was intended for an "Ellen Fleming" living in the state of Florida. Upon hearing the voicemail left by a TD Ameritrade financial consultant, Fleming quickly checked her cell phone's banking app to make sure it wasn't a hoax. Indeed the figures were correct up to the point they were not. It was Ellen who inevitably made the first move to correct the mispronounced error. Had she not, it would have taken "Ellen Fleming" of Florida to call it in. 

The former college student has since pinned the story to the very top her Twitter page, where she hopes to one day be eulogized as  "millionaire" even if it only lasted a matter of minutes.