A few months back, news broke that Taquiri Hatch, Boosie Badazz brother, was arrested for fraud and identity theft. The arrest stemmed from allegations that he authorized money transfers from Boosie's account while pretending to be the rapper. You could only imagine the amount of betrayal that Boosie felt. However, it's looking like he may not be facing any jail time.

The District Attorney that's responsible for Hatch's case is apparently not interested in filing charges against him, TMZ reports. While the rapper's brother has emphasized his innocence throughout this whole ordeal, it seems as if the D.A is apparently siding with him. There's yet to be any reason to emerge as to why he's not interested in filing against Hatch. They say he may be getting away scot-free because of the lack of evidence on the case. They've reached out for a statement but have yet to receive one.

In mid-July, the tabloid site reported that Boosie claimed that $351K was missing out of his Capital One account. The documents they obtained said that after losing his license two years prior, someone gained access to his Capital One account and transferred large quantities of money into other accounts. It was later reported that Taquiri Hatch was booked on charges related to that incident. There were over a dozen transfers sent to different people that would later hand him over cash. The highest transfer he sent as one time is allegedly $80K. The police documents said that Taquari posed on the phone as Boosie while speaking with Capital One customer service department. However, fraud department  at Capital One became alert of the situation after Taquari mentioned he had a wife while Boosie isn't married. 

The situation hit Boosie very hard. He later posted a message on Instagram where he said that Taquari and his family are no longer part of their family at all. Boosie has yet to respond to the fact that his brother is essentially getting let off scot-free.