Boosie Badazz has always marched to the beat of his own drum. The poster child of giving no shits, the iconic rapper has continuously delivered gems through his various social media platforms. Of course, several of said gems come in the form of Boosie's parenting practices, which deviate from the traditional, to say the least. Who can forget the time he pondered hiring a prostitute for his fourteen-year-old son? Of course, the backlash was swift and decisive, prompting Boosie to shrug it off as a moment of off-kilter humor and nothing more. Still, one must respect his adherence to his own principles, and the Boosie school of practical life experience lives on.

Today, the rapper took to Instagram to share his daughter's first driving lesson. While normally a coming-of-age moment, Boosie has flipped the script once again. "TEACH EM EARLY," writes Boosie, alongside an adorable yet slightly alarming video, in which his two-year-old daughter sits in front of the wheel. Of course, she's clearly being supervised and assisted in her effort, while Boosie provides commentary from the passenger's seat. 

"You can drive at 2, I don't give a fu*k!" he laughs. Boosie, take the wheel.