Boosie Badazz recently asked his Instagram followers for prayers prior to his annual cancer check-up. The rapper has been going for every year since having surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in 2015 as a way to ensure he stays in remission.

Boosie kept his followers updated with a second video showing himself in the waiting room with other patients, but after informing his followers he is cancer-free, Boosie quickly returned to his usual social media antics. On Friday, Boosie released his new single “Period” featuring Dababy, revealing a video is on the way, in the process. “Video on the way soon,” he exclaimed in his all-caps caption.

After the song’s release on Friday, Boosie followed it up with an Instagram video on Saturday, where he continued to tease the music video for the collaboration, albeit, in a strange manner. Boosie said he would give one of his followers a chance to be in the video if they would be willing to get slapped.

Boosie starts, “I got $554 dollars,” before taking a dramatic pause and saying, “ [For] Whoever let me slap the f*** out them” on the “Period” video."

“Period “Video shoot” I need 3 smacks cross yo s*** for the video for good camera angles #pleasehelpmeout DM me if u trying to get the 554,” the caption of the video read. 

Boosie went on to explain how the scene will be shot, saying that the slap must be real. 

“I want to come on that b****, n**** playing with me, I’m just going to bat him. BOP! But it got to be real though,” Boosie told followers. 

After expressing his excitement to make the video a "reality," Boosie encouraged anyone who is interested in being slapped for a small fee to DM him.

“If you going to let me bat you I got $554 dollars. Real s*** I want to make this b**** reality. Me and this boy finna go around the city, the whole city smacking shit. Just shut the f*** up, you doing p**** s*** period. DM me [if] you want to get smacked, man,” Boosie ended the video. 

Will you be DM’ing Boosie to get “batted” for his new video? Check out his IG proposal below.