Boosie Badazz is constantly making headlines for his hot takes on Instagram. Many of them have been controversial, often resulting in some sort of backlash, but everyone might be able to agree on his latest take. The remake of Lion King is set to hit theatres across the world this Friday and ahead of its reminder, Boosie wanted to remind everyone that even the biggest of gangstas have shed tears to the original Lion King.

"N***as actin' like they all gangstas. N***a, if you watched Lion King as a child, you shed tears, n***a. 'Cause that bitch made me cry," he said. "And I know every n***a that I had asked around me when I was a child, that bitch made them cry... When Scar dropped that n***a off that motherf -- aye, bruh. C'mon, dawg. You gotta keep it real."

Although Boosie did have a point, one of the people in the background said that he didn't watch Lion King until he was older. Boosie proceeded to clown the individual.

Meek Mill hopped in the comments afterward to co-sign Boosie's sentiment. "Especially when ya daddy really got killed ... that shit hit you," Meek wrote with several laughing emojis. With the remake set to come out this week, we'll have to see if Boosie and Meek think the film is on par with the original.