When it comes to their social media presence, no one is as funny and as polarizing as Boosie. He is a man who has been kicked off of Instagram in the past and while these bans have angered him, he has always found a way to come back with a vengeance. Recently, Boosie was able to remake his Instagram account with the handle @boosienewig. On his account, Boosie has been promoting new projects while also showing off new music and venting to his audience.

On any given day, you never know what kind of entertainment Boosie is going to provide you with, and there is no doubt that fans weren't ready for what the artist gave us today. Simply put, Boosie has a deer problem and no, we're not talking about the Milwaukee Bucks.


Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET

In the Instagram clip found below, Boosie reveals that about 10 deer have infiltrated his property and that it is becoming a real issue because of his kids. Boosie is looking to get the deer taken care of right away, and he has no issue doing it in a violent way if it means dealing with the problem sooner rather than later. 

"I NEED A HITTER ‼️#goattalk3 WOKE UP TOO 10 DEER ON MY FOOTBALL FIELD need help U CAN HAVE THE DEERS ‼️ they startin to walk up to the estate. I GOT LIL KIDS N THE YARD THEY OPPS NOW," Boosie wrote.


Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

Many of his fans found the Instagram rant humorous although, for Boosie, the situation isn't all that funny. Hopefully, the deer go away on there own as no one wants to enact such drastic measures.